James O’Keefe of Project Veritas released another damaging video of Bernie Sanders campaign staffers confirming they are attracting radicals, and their “extreme action” plans after the election.

In the video, a journalist is heard telling Sanders staff member “You all look so mild mannered, but boy you’ve got fire in your belly…”

Sanders Field Organizer Daniel Taylor explains,“Well, I think, you know, we don’t want to scare people off, so, you kinda gotta feel it out first before you get into the crazy stuff.”

After the journalist asks, “What kind of crazy stuff? Tell me.”

“You know, we we’re talking about, you know, more, more extreme organizations and stuff like Antifa, you know you were talking about Yellow Vests and all that. But, you know we’re kinda keeping that, keeping that on the back burner for right now,” says Taylor.


Another Sanders Field Organizer Mason Baird admitted the campaign attracts “truly radical people.”


Last week, Project Veritas released videos of Sanders South Carolina campaign organizer Martin Weissgerber admitting he’s prepared for “massive Yellow Vest protests” and plans to “get armed” to “start tearing things up and start fighting”.

“Guillotine the rich,” said Weissgerber.

Sanders top tier campaign staffer Kyle Jurek warned if Sanders loses cities will burn and there will be “dead cops.” Jurek believes people who are against Sanders should be “re-educated” in gulags or killed. He also admitted there’s a lot of people who share his same beliefs.


“A lot of those people (on Sanders campaign) who do that kind of work.. they’re Marxist-Leninists, they’re Anarchists. They have more of a mind for direct action…engaging in politics outside of the electoral system,” says Sanders staff member Baird.


Sanders campaign staffers have big plans of “extreme action” regardless of the outcome of the election.

“A militant labor movement is kind of our last real kinda chance  before, you know, we try other…” says Baird.

“Other means?” the journalist asks.

“After we abolish landlords we don’t have to kill them, you know what I’m saying?” says Baird.