Just one week before the Iowa caucuses, Politico published an in-depth exposé on the ties between the former Vice President’s brother, James, and a high powered Washington lobbyist Scott Green. Based on the reports, James purchased a property for $150,000 and resold a portion of the property to Scott Green, who had served as a Senate staffer for Joe Biden.

The lobbyist paid $150,000 for the property in the Virgin Island when in fact its tax assessed value was just at $38,000.

As Politico reported, “In effect, James and [his wife] had gotten their money back while keeping most of the land—recouping their investment in just 12 months.” Despite the steep increase on his new property, Green was able to recuperate his loss when Joe came to power as vice president. Green and his lobbying firm, the Lafayette Group was awarded two-taxpayer funded contracts, worth $5.8 million, from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in April of 2010.

In addition, just three days after the Lafayette Group was awarded with the contract, Green gave James a $133,300 mortgage on the said property. Peter Schweizer from Breitbart News also noted that when James failed to run a Wall Street Hedge Fund, he joined Hillstone International despite his inexperience. The company was focused on construction and technology projects, especially from the U.S. government.

Once the contract is completed, James would split more than $735 million in profits as a minority partner.

On the other hand, Joe’s brother Frank was able to cash in government-funded projects. Frank was able to receive a whopping $54 million in taxpayer-backed loans from his real estate and solar power projects in the Carribean region. However, just like James, Frank does not also have any experience in solar and environmental development.

Their sister, Valerie also received $2.5 million to her firm, Joe Slade White & Company. This was part of her electoral fees as campaign manager for Biden’s failed vice-presidential campaign.

Even Biden’s son, Hunter had also cashed in from the government’s projects. According to Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Sen. Lindsey Graham, there is a massive pile of evidence that Hunter had served as board of directors for Burisima. This was in conflict with Joe’s position as in charge of the U.S. policy in Ukraine.

Graham added that Hunter was able to make millions working for the company between 2014 to 2016. As Graham said, “There’s not a scintilla of evidence that the Bidens connection to the Ukraine is inappropriate, there’s a tsunami of evidence. So the House managers told the senate this is baseless, it’s been debunked. And I think the defense team yesterday made a damning indictment of what Hunter Biden and Joe Biden allowed to happen and is not in America’s interest to let this ever happen again in the Ukraine where Hunter Biden basically turned it into an ATM machine.”

This explosive news might provide insight and validity as to why Trump might have been concerned to launch an investigation on Biden’s close ties with Ukraine.