Never one to miss out on an opportunity to bash and take cheap shots at President Trump, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) tweeted out her support of Mayor Jacob Frey. The liberal activist mayor is in the midst of trying to deny the people of Minneapolis the right to support President Trump and attend his rally this week. He has also banned Minneapolis police officers from wearing their uniforms around the President even though they have been forced to pose with Democratic candidates in the past.

Omar took this as an opportunity to take her own low-blows as the President. In a pair of tweets on Tuesday the far-left congresswoman and “Squad” member supported the left wing mayor while saying the President “spews hate”, is trying to “poison Minnesota with lies”, and that his presidency with end up in the “dustbin of history”

This all comes as the first term congresswoman tries to deflect from her own personal scandals. She recently filed for divorce from her husband after her alleged affair with a member of her staff came to light. This was her second marriage. In her first, she has been accused of marrying her brother to allow him to “legally” gain access to the United States.