President Trump has a rally scheduled for October 10 in the “sanctuary city” of Minneapolis, MN. When announced, the left wing mayor, Jacob Frey, denounced the President and the rally on social media. He wrote that “under ordinary circumstances, it would be an honor to welcome a sitting President to Minneapolis”. However, he now believes it is not because “President Trump’s actions have been reprehensible” since taking office.

While the 38-year-old mayor admits in the post that there are “no legal mechanisms to prevent the president from visiting”, he calls for the people of Minneapolis not to attend. He then went a step further and informed the Target Center, where the rally is being held, and the campaign that they are responsible for the $500,000 + it will cost for the city to secure the event.

This comes as the Minneapolis police union has also banned its officers from appearing in uniform on stage or in the background of President Trump’s rally. Which, is a move celebrated by Mayor Frey.

However, the police officers, who in the past, have been forced to stand behind Democratic candidates, are refusing to be bullied by their radical left mayor. They have taken matters into their own hands and created “Cops for Trump” t-shirts. The proceeds are going to police union charities. The head of the police union appeared on Fox News in his “Cops for Trump” t-shirt which he said are selling out and they can’t keep them on the shelves.