Surprise! Another freshman congresswoman jumped on the bandwagon to impeach President Trump. Democratic Michigan Representative Elissa Slotkin got boos from audience when she made her announcement that she supports impeaching President Trump over the phone conversation he had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Myself and six other members of the freshman class in Congress, all former military or former CIA, wrote a joint op-ed and came out in support of an impeachment inquiry,” Slotkin said. “And I wanted you to know from me. I wanted you to know from me.”

Slotkin was quickly interrupted with boos from audience as well as cheers and clapping.

One woman expressed to Slotkin, “When you fell off the cliff for me, was when you joined the coup against our President.”

“What’s the rush with the impeachment?” one man questioned. “Impeachment is a serious thing. This would be only the fourth president in history to be impeached. And to try to impeach him on something like this is really stretching it.”

In 2016, Trump won Slotkin’s district by 4% and she will be a major target in 2020. Two Republican candidates have announced their candidacy for Slotkin’s seat: A State Board of Education member Nikki Synder, and Mike Detmer, a general sales manager of a Michigan auto dealership.