President Trump’s “Salute to America” parade on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. drew heavy criticism from many celebrities who expressed their disapproval on social media. Sparks were flying even before the fireworks display.

Stephen King, writer of horror stories, tweeted: “Trump’s big military parade? This is what dictators do.”

Obviously, King doesn’t know that military tanks have been a part of victory parades and presidential inaugurations for John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Actor John Cusack was triggered and let everyone in Twitterland know how he felt: “impeach this sick criminal -and his cult of enablers - American Revolution was as much a Civil War as it was a War for Independence. Mitch McConnell is today’s Chief Tory RT @vincentdonofrio: Everyone should take notice. This is no joke anymore.”

Rainn Wilson, the actor who played Dwight Schrute in The Office, was not happy at all: “So we’ve got people cheering tanks that are rolling through the streets of the capitol and children in cages on our border. Happy Birthday, America!”

George Takei,the actor who played Mr. Sulu from Star Trek, was apparently glad to see it rain on the parade in Washington. Takei tweeted, “Trump truly is all wet.”

Singer and actress Bette Midler tweeted to President Trump directly: “Dear @realDonaldTrump, Donnie??…the budget for your middle finger #SalutetoAmerica was a VERY generous $15million!! You are currently $80million OVERBUDGET!! With that, we longer want to use your services!! Pack up your desk and security will escort you out! #YOUSUCK #BeBette “

Even Star Wars star Mark Hamill took a stab retweeting a 22-second video clip of the rainy event: “Wait a minute… I think I found a #4thofJuly show I really like! #RainOnTrumpsParade #BoycottDonTheCon “

Joss Whedon, director of Avengers, didn’t hold anything back. “We have a racist, fascist president who’s using armed thugs in law enforcement & illegal militias to keep us cowed & hopeless & he’ll take the 2020 election by armed force & blatant, treasonous criminality & that’s us now, we’re the country with concentration camps so happy 4th”

Harvard University professor Lawrence Tribe wrote on Twitter, “The resemblance to days before Tiananmen Square is chilling.”

Comedian and political commentator Bill Maher blasted President Trump, “Tanks in the streets now? Shall we review the Dictator Checklist? You’re a narcissist who likes to put his name on buildings…you appoint family members to key govt positions..your rallies are scary…you threaten to lock up political opponents..your friends are other dictators.”

Dem. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders criticized the 4th of July parade, “I think we need money to go into affordable housing. I think we need money to go into rebuilding our infrastructure. I’m not quite sure that we need money to go into put tanks in downtown Washington, DC, frankly.”

How do you feel about the Salute to America?