Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Chief Mark Morgan is warning that Joe Biden is about to trigger an uncontrolled mass migration into the country with the policies that he is promising to enforce right now. Morgan singled out Biden’s plan to end cooperative asylums with several other countries through which illegal immigrants have to pass through.

President Donald Trump has built a legal wall by coming up with agreements with the governments of Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Since the Democrats are blocking his efforts of building a physical wall, Trump’s legal wall has proven to be quite effective in limiting the flow of illegal aliens. The agreements have helped federal officials to send back illegal aliens to their countries of origin immediately.

Biden’s advisers have promised that they will be terminating agreements with several countries, leading to an upsurge of illegal immigrants making a push at the border. On top of the other problems caused by illegal immigration, this could prove to be a major health problem as the United States is in the middle of battling a pandemic.

Morgan said in a tweet that “These humanitarian agreements demonstrate the Trump administration’s unwavering efforts to secure America’s borders from illegal entry by working closely with our regional partners. Without these agreements, we will likely see waves of attempted illegal entries similar to 2019.”

He added, “Our collaborative approach with our partner countries will protect the American homeland from uncontrolled mass migration during a global pandemic while also allowing migrating Central Americans a safe place to seek protection closer to their homes.”

Biden and his advisers are making those promises to pander to the far-left and to the illegal immigrants who will end up supporting the Democrats once they are given the right to vote. They don’t really care about the consequences of flooding the country with illegal immigrants who will drive the wages down.

There is also the danger of violent gang members mixing in with the illegal immigrants to gain entry into the United States.