In an effort to close underground smuggling routes, the Border Patrol had recently discovered another illegal tunnel in southern Arizona that had been operating under the U.S.-Mexico border.

According to a report made by the Customs and Border Protection, the illegal tunnel ran about 30 feet and stretched to Nogales, Arizona. The new tunnel is the third among the list of recently uncovered illegal smuggling routes in the border.

One of the most recent ones was also reported by the Patriot Hill, in what federal agents identified as the “Longest Cross Border Tunnel in the U.S.” The report read, “For more than a year, the government had successfully mapped out a quarter of a mile narco tunnel. After close coordination with the FBI and the U.S. Border Patrol, government officials have uncovered a 4,309 ft. cross border tunnel that stretches out from San Diego, California and into an industrial area in Mexico.”

The Patriot Hill described the sophisticated tunnel system, “Based on the official statement, the tunnel was hidden by a small industrial building and winded up north and extended to 4,068 ft. away from the U.S. border. The path was extremely narrow as it only measures approximately five and a half feet tall and two feet wide. It has an average depth of 70 ft. from the surface. The path boasts a rail/cart system, forced air ventilation, high voltage electrical cables and panels, a complex drainage system and even an elevator at the entrance.”

Moreover, the article cited that “The tunnel stretches over three-quarters of a mile and is considered as the longest tunnel in the U.S. This is followed by another 2,966 ft. the tunnel which was also found in San Diego in 2014.”

EA Special Agent in Charge John W. Callery credits the success of the operation and shared the team’s determination to stop the drug cartels. “As efforts to strengthen security on our Southern Border increase, Mexican drug cartels are forced underground to smuggle their deadly drugs into the United States. The sophistication of this tunnel demonstrates the determination and monetary resources of the cartels. And although the cartels will continue to use their resources to try and breach our border, the DEA and our partners on the Tunnel Task Force will continue to use our resources to ensure they fail, that our border is secure and that tunnels like this are shut down to stem the flow of deadly drugs entering the United States,” Callery said.

Due to the increasing surveillance and aggressive campaign against smuggling and illegal immigration, tensions have risen between the U.S. and Mexico. In fact, as early as 2019, Mexican officials were hesitant to sign in to Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols, which is also known as the “Remain in Mexico” policy. Based on the policy, illegal immigrants were sent back to Mexico instead of being detained in the U.S. while they await trial.

However, these setbacks had not stopped the authorities to close in on other smuggling routes. After the authorities have finished their investigation, they have covered the Noglas tunnel with cement.