Due to the growing opposition, President Donald Trump seeks to request for additional funding to build a 1,000-mile mega border wall.

The reason for the funding delays remains largely political, beset by resistance from the Democratic opposition and the lack of action from the Republicans.

In a summary budget request for 2021 Trump believed that the House had enough resources to complete his ambitious project. The administration wrote: “With funding made available from 2017 to 2020, the Administration will build up to approximately 1,000 miles of a border wall along the Southwest border.”

The intense political struggle had slowed down the construction. In fact, the delay was so massive that if the administration will stick to its current budget, it will probably take years to complete the 1,000 miles of a border wall.

As an example, the current schedule dictates that for 2021, the administration might only be able to build 500 miles of the border wall.

This means that in order to complete Trump’s border, the administration might need to use another strategy to find additional funding for its existing $14 billion budget. To resolve this, the administration plans to use the budget from the Department of Defense which will enable Trump to use federal laws and enact his emergency power to generate funding.

Moreover, Trump also seeks an additional $2 billion in regular funding from the Department of Homeland Security. By choosing to do so, Trump hopes to minimize the chances of the Democrat’s intervention to shut down the project especially since the 2020 election is coming to a close.

The new budget also allows Trump to build an additional 82 miles of a new border wall system. This will help in support system design, construction, and construction oversight. Most importantly, the wall will prevent cross-border activities by allowing law enforcement with better response time and an “opportunity for successful law enforcement resolution.”

According to the new budget request, the document read: “The FY 2021 President’s Budget enhances border security through investment in U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) staffing, infrastructure, and technology. Funding is provided for the following priorities.”

The request also stated that “nearly $2.0 billion for construction of approximately 82 miles of new border wall system. Funding supports real estate and environmental planning, land acquisition, wall system design, construction, and construction oversight. Border wall system impedes illicit cross-border activity by providing law enforcement with an increased response time and greater opportunity for successful law enforcement resolution.”

While Trump’s border is on the way, the administration is currently relying on band-aid solutions to curb illegal immigration. Currently, Trump has signed a “paperwork wall” between Mexico and Central American countries. Based on the signed agreement, illegal immigrants will be sent back to their country of origin. The problem is that it will not solve the issue of illegal immigration, but rather it will give them another opportunity to go back and attempt another border crossing.

For newscaster Jorge Ramos, Trump had already won the border wall crisis. Ramos wrote in an article in the New York Times with a headline that said “Trump Got His Wish. Mexico Is Now the Wall.”

Ramos wrote, “Mexico has effectively turned into an extension of Mr. Trump’s immigration police beyond American territory. And this is the case on multiple fronts: On the southern border with Guatemala, they prevent Central American migrants from coming into Mexico; on the northern one, they block those seeking entry to the United States from leaving. The decision of Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, also known as AMLO, to follow this approach is misguided. He should let migrants continue their journey north.”