Mainstream media isn’t reporting the flooding of people from third world countries at the southern border. Reporter Charlotte Cuthbertson of The Epoch Times is covering the invasion of thousands of people who are fleeing from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Somalia, and Sudan to reach South America on their path to the U.S.- Mexican border.

Some travel by plane, boat, and on foot along the treacherous trek. Haitians are also coming in droves to the southern border. Most of the migrants will end up being captured at Texas’s Del Rio area by Border Patrol agents.

According to Chief Patrol Agent Raul Ortiz of Del Rio Sector, approximately 1,000 Africans, mostly from Congo and Angola, were apprehended by agents in the past 2-3 months. The number of African migrants coming in has drastically increased when compared to the number from 2007 through 2018, which was only 19 migrants - eight Angolans and 11 Congolese.

In an interview with Charlotte Cuthbertson, Ortiz stated, “It has really been a bit of an anomaly for us. We’re building additional temporary capacity in our Eagle Pass station right now that’s going to add space for a couple of hundred more.” The facilities can hold 900 people, but the numbers of migrants fluctuate between 900 and 1,000 each day.

Ortiz also explained that U.S. politicians are encouraging the massive influx of immigrants.

A video uploaded two weeks ago to Facebook filmed in Hidalgo County in Los Ebanos, Texas, shows dozens of migrants, some with babies and young children, walking through a residential neighborhood.

The Facebook caption reads: #BORDERCRISIS This video was taken here in Hidalgo County in Los Ebanos, TX. Resident says this is EVERY SINGLE DAY ALL DAY LONG!!! Thanks to the Do Nothing Democrats who refuse to address the border invasion inluding our “There is no border crisis” Congressman, Chente “Fregando la Gente” Gonzalez!! WAKE UP RGV!! Watch your taxes RISE!! Instead of your money going to your families, it will be to pay for these people who can’t even work legally!!! VOTE THE DEMOCRATS OUT!!! #SaveMcallen #SavetheRGV #VoteDemsOUT