In an interview with Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation, Bernie Sanders was questioned about deporting people who have been issued final deportation notices. Brennan asked,”But specifically on this point the two thousand that are supposed to be targeted haven’t shown up for a court date so essentially they’re - they’re just not following the asylum process, the legal standards when they’re here. So should they be prosecuted, should they be deported?” Sanders answered her, “ I don’t- I don’t like this deportation thing at all and I think Trump uses this as a beginning to do worse things to come.”

So he’s saying that he believes that anyone who comes to the United States illegally should be allowed to stay and they shouldn’t abide by the laws of immigration.

Sanders is telling us to throw out the correct legal process of becoming a citizen! It’s scary to imagine what kind of country the United States would become if everyone could come here! What are your thoughts on this?