A former Texas GOP Senate candidate, Vanessa Tijerina, 42 was allegedly “bound,” “gagged,” and “tortured” at a hotel by at least three individuals.

According to the victim, she was violently beaten and tortured by at least three individuals at a Texas Inn in Raymondville. Tijerina claimed that a woman she described as someone wearing a “black bra” came to speak with her. The woman explained that she was concerned about her own personal safety. “They made it seem like they had something really, really important to tell me, and they couldn’t tell me on the phone,” the former GOP candidate said in a Facebook video.

Based on the footage, Tijerina was unrecognizable as she suffered multiple bruises while her eyes and face remained swollen from the heavy beating. The victim continued to sob as she shared her horrible experience. In a separate Facebook video, she continued to narrate the trauma that she had experienced from the attack. “I was beaten. I was terrorized, bound, gagged, tortured.” The victim continued that if she did not fight back against her attackers, there was no way she could have lived.


Tijerina claimed that the group stomped on her that it had left boot marks on her face. Moreover, they also stole everything that she had with her, including her car, money, and even her children’s birthday presents. Throughout the entire time that she was in the hotel, Tijerina noted that the only person who was not present was the one who was giving the orders and that the instructions were carried out by someone on the phone. Tijerina believed that the attack is “purely a hate crime.”

Unfortunately, authorities are yet to uncover the motive behind Tijerina’s brutal beatings. In addition, they are able to arrest three individuals in connection to the attack and have identified the woman who lured the victim into the hotel as Amanda Salinas. Two other suspects were also named as Ariel Vera and Raymond Santana.

In a follow-up report by Valley Central, Salinas faces multiple charges in connection to Tijerina’s beating, including one count of bodily injury, one count of aggravated robbery, one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one count of unlawful restraint. The authorities have also set a $170,365 bond against her.

On the other hand, Salinas’ co-conspirators, Santana Jr. was also charged with one count of aggravated robbery, one count of aggravated assault, one count of strangulation, and one count for engaging in criminal activity. Vela was also facing multiple charges, including one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one count of unlawful restraint, and two counts of assault. The two were also set at over a hundred thousand bonds each.

Tijerina ran as a senatorial candidate for Texas’s 27th district in November of 2020 but lost against Democrat Eddie Lucio.