Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco is refusing to enforce California’s stay-at-home order. He is also criticizing California Gov. Gavin Newsom for his dictatorial orders and for being a hypocrite. Bianco insisted that the sheriff’s department refuses to be blackmailed or bullied and he released a video statement on Friday in which he severely criticized Newsome for his actions. The sheriff also mentioned that his office will not be sanctioning residents for not following Newsom’s lockdown orders.

Sheriff Bianco was particularly offended by Newsom’s threat of withholding funding to counties that do not follow his orders. “Leaders do not threaten, attempt to intimidate, or cause fear. Bullies do,” Bianco said.

“We have all recently learned about the new regional approach to combating COVID-19 and the pending closure and stay-at-home orders from our governor,” Bianco said in the video.

He added, “We were also told that there was a potential he would be withholding federal and state funding from counties who did not force the orders. Ironically, it wasn’t that long ago our same governor loudly and publicly argued how wrong it was for the President of the United States to withhold federal funding from states not complying with federal laws.”

Bianco reminded Newsom of how responded to the President’s threat of the federal government cutting funding to states and yet he is now threatening to do the same with counties. He has also issued lockdown orders limiting how people can have social gatherings while he enjoyed a dinner party at an expensive restaurant. Newsom’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. Bianco is not the first California sheriff who has refused to enforce the draconian rules being imposed by Newsom.

In other parts of the country, people are protesting the strict lockdown orders too. In Staten Island, New York a bar has declared itself to be an autonomous zone in open defiance of governor Cuomo’s lockdown restrictions. The bar had its liquor license suspended and its owners were arrested too but people have been giving support to Mac’s Public House which is proof that people are just sick and tired of all the restrictions.