On Wednesday at a campaign rally in Bullhead City, Arizona, a Republican supporter suggested that President Donald Trump should send House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Mars.

During the event, the President boasted how the administration has strengthened the restoration of the space program. In his speech, Trump touted that the United States had sent the first woman on the moon, and will be the first country to send a man to Mars. “Maybe we should make that a woman too,” Trump added.

However, someone from the crowd had a better idea that instead, Trump should send Democrat and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Mars. The President heard and chuckled at the suggestion. “He said, ‘Make it Nancy Pelosi. Who said that? That’s pretty good, I have to say. Stand up please. Look at this guy. That’s pretty good.” The President was so amused with the idea, that he asked the person whether he is a professional comedian.

Trump then smiled and addressed the media, saying that he was just repeating a suggestion.


However, the jubilant event was disrupted after an unknown aircraft. According to a spokesman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), John Cornelio, a small aircraft entered into the airspace where the President was holding his rally. Fortunately, a fighter jet immediately intercepted the aircraft.

The President’s security team immediately sent an F-16 aircraft to investigate how the airplane had entered into the restricted area. Cornelio added that the aircraft was non-responsive to their initial attempts to intercept it. However they were able to establish radio communication after the fighter jet deployed signal flares and the aircraft was subsequently escorted out of the restricted area. Officers from the Secret Service also moved closer to the President although they did go onstage.

Both Trump and the Republican supporters noticed the fighter jet. The incident led the President to say that the jet was just four days old, using it as an opportunity to say that he had to fight his way against the Democrats to upgrade the country’s defense system. The President also tried to assure the crowd and avoid panic by saying that the flare was simply for display.

At the time, both Trump and Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, along with his running mate, Kamala Harris held a rally in Arizona, especially since it’s considered as one of the most crucial swing states. Unfortunately, while Trump was able to draw in thousands of people to the event, the Democratic nominee continued to struggle with low audience turn-out.

In fact, thousands of people were already waiting in line to see Trump.

On the other hand, Harris only managed to draw in 100 cars in their drive-in rally in Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona. The Vice-Presidential nominee tried to argue that unlike Trump, she wanted to ensure a safe way to continue with their campaign.