The United Kingdom has now made it mandatory for schools to provide LGBTQ lessons to schoolchildren. This comes in the form of secondary schools getting penalized should they fail to provide LGBTQ lessons to schoolchildren. The regulator of British schools has revealed that schools that fail to provide the LGBTQ lessons will no longer get a rating better than “requires improvement.”

“The Department for Education’s guidance makes it clear that secondary schools must teach about LGBT issues,” a spokesman for the regulatory body said. “Therefore, from next summer, if secondary schools do not teach about all the protected characteristics, they will receive a judgment of ‘requires improvement’ for leadership and management,” he added.

“However, government guidance is that primary schools have more discretion over when LGBT issues are age-appropriate, and so won’t necessarily be marked down if they exclude them.”

Some groups in Britain say that the new regulations are not enough because schools will still be allowed to teach about the beliefs of religions. For example, schools can still teach schoolchildren that under Catholic Church, same sex marriage is not allowed. Hardliner groups in Britain say that teaching religious doctrines should not be allowed at all. They only want the schoolchildren to be indoctrinated with their beliefs regarding LGBTQ.

There have been reports of school administrators who have been fired from her job for merely expressing concern about the mandatory teaching. They have made it illegal now to voice out concern against these teachings and everyone must conform.

The administrator raised concerns about the transgender ideology being introduced into the school curriculum and the promotion of homosexuality. She posted her concern on social media and someone reported her anonymously. As expected, the school sided with the anonymous reporter who claimed that the posts were homophobic.

This is how things will be in the future. Anyone who fails to embrace the leftist idea that transgenderism is okay and that homosexuality should be promoted to children will be branded as a bigot and will be canceled. It seems that the future is looking more and more intolerant.