A lawyer who is representing the victims of Jeffrey Epstein is afraid that the same fate that befell her friend is awaiting Ghislaine Maxwell. The lawyer thinks that she will also die in jail because she knows too much about powerful people.

Maxwell, who is British, was arrested in the United States on Thursday. She was charged with conspiracy to entice minors and transport girls as young as 14 to commit sex acts. The lawyer explained that there is fear among the victims that there will be powerful people who will do everything that they can to make sure that she does not testify in court. If that happens, it is speculated that a lot of influential people will be implicated.

The fears are not unfounded. When Epstein was arrested, there was a talk about the possibility of him being assassinated for the same reason. But the mainstream media tried to downplay the fear saying that it was just a conspiracy theory. But Epstein did die in his cell and the authorities claimed that he killed himself. However, the circumstances of his death are very strange and there are many signs of foul play. The same thing can happen now to Maxwell.

Epstein was arrested in July last year. Maxwell who was identified as a close friend is accused of assisting him in abusing minors. She is accused of helping him identify and groom girls that will be targeted for abuse. Epstein has been convicted before in 2008 of abusing a 14-year-old girl. He pleaded guilty of the charge. He served 13 months in custody but there was a special arrangement that allowed him many privileges that are not normally given to convicted criminals. That was just one sign of how influential and powerful he was.

For his 2019 arrest, however, his connections were not enough to protect him from federal charges. It is widely speculated that he was silenced by the same people who might be implicated should he start talking about what he knew. He has been closely linked to Bill Clinton before who has allegedly visited his private island several times.