Comedy legend and Monty Python member John Cleese said that he is “baffled” by the debate over the author J.K. Rowling. He sent out a tweet that expressed his confusion at the whole controversy over the popular author. Rowling made a highly controversial statement regarding transgenders which caused a great deal of backlash.

“I’m baffled by the debate over JKR. Am I right in thinking that if I tomorrow declare myself to be a woman, then anyone who doesn’t accept that must hate me? This is a genuine request for information, even if the question itself seems odd to many older people?” Cleese said in a tweet and that started a discussion on social media.

The comedian clarified that he wants people to be happy but for him, if people are asking genuine questions regarding gender, that does not mean the person is transphobic. Someone replied that it’s not really a question of logic but rather a question of etiquette whether it is okay to ask such a question. Cleese then asked if it’s like the situation in the past when it was okay to tell a Jewish joke only if you were Jewish. Cleese is actually treading on thin ice just by asking those questions on social media. He is sure to be branded as transphobic for just daring to ask those questions, which in reality most people are asking. The whole transgender question is confusing to most people and while they want to understand, they are afraid of being branded as transphobi so they stay silent.

Some of Cleese’s followers pointed out that Monty Python actually predicted the whole situation. In one of their movies, Life of Brian, there is one character who said that he wants to become a woman. His companions first ridiculed him for the idea but eventually tolerated him and they even came up with a resolution on how they would address the issue. Little did Cleese and the rest of his comedy troupe know that they were predicting the future when they wrote that skit.