The “Great American Comeback,” President Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa, is going to be like a festival with musical performances and high-profile supporters. The Trump campaign is getting back on the road in style, and they’re planning on leasing a jet so they could plane in high-profile Trump supporters who will be speaking at the event.

The Trump campaign has outlined its plan for lessening the risk of the coronavirus during the gathering. They will be distributing hand sanitizers and masks during the event. They will also have temperature checks for all of those who will be participating. All of those who signed up for the event also had to acknowledge a disclaimer regarding the coronavirus.

Around 1 million people have signed for the rally, which will be taking place at the Bank of Oklahoma (BOK) Center. That just shows the overwhelming enthusiasm for the Trump campaign, something that the Biden campaign can only dream of. Biden’s rallies before the pandemic had been lackluster events. His virtual townhalls were even bigger disasters, which never really got people excited. Still, the media is still trying to make people believe that Biden is ahead in the polls.

There are also some ill-conceived attempts by some groups to sabotage the event. One such idea which has been on social media is asking people to sign up for the event and not show up. But with more than a million signing up for the event, more people would love to get into the venue, which can only hold 19,000. So, their plan would never really work.

Additional stages are being set up outside the venue so that the people who cannot go inside will have the opportunity to join in on the fun. There are critics of the rally already saying that it will be promoting the spread of the coronavirus. Those same people were in full support of the looters and rioters who went about protesting.