President Donald Trump hosted a private meeting with families of slain victims of police brutality. During the event, Trump extended his heartfelt sympathy to the families and described it as a “very emotional meeting.”

After the conversation, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters that the President saw it as a “very important meeting, a very emotional meeting.” Trump met with the family members of Darius Tarver, Michael Dean, Cameron Lamb, Everett Palmer, Jemel Roberson, Botham Jean, and Ahmaud Arbery.

Throughout the meeting, family members shared their grief to the President, as “There were a lot of tears, there was a lot of emotion, and the president was devastated,” the Press Secretary said. McEnany claimed that Trump took the time to personally speak with the family members, and work towards creating a solution to end police brutality. “He took it deeply personally,” she said.

While the President was busy planning and creating solutions towards federal reforms, left-wing supporters bashed the families for meeting with Trump. In a statement, Deputy Director of the Office of American Innovation Ja’Ron Smith claimed that both parties met to come up with a “mutual decision” that would benefit the community, rather than using it as a photo opportunity.

Smith also expressed his disappointment for civil rights groups who lambasted the family for accepting Trump’s invitation. Even Attorney S. Lee Merritt, who was also present in the meeting, claimed that accusations of Trump using the victim’s family as a photo opportunity were completely false. “Show me the civil rights leaders who are upset about families making a direct appeal for federal intervention after the murder of their loved one, and I’ll show you a clown,” Merritt wrote

The lawyer also claimed that the families were able to assure that a federal investigation will take place to provide justice for their loved ones.

The victims’ family also praised the President for dealing with the situation. In a statement, Wanda Cooper-Jones, the mother Ahmaud Arbery, described Trump as “very compassionate” throughout the discussions. Cooper-Jones also claimed that the US President had shown a sign of solidarity and support for the families,

As a response, the President praised the victim’s mother and called her a “great woman.”

Then, on Tuesday, Trump signed an executive order that signals sweeping police reforms. One of the major reforms includes police guidelines on how to respond to the situation. According to the President’s order, chokeholds should be banned, unless “an officer’s life is at risk.”

In the trying times, and increasing anti-police sentiments, Trump also offered his praise and support for law enforcement, and for promoting “the highest professional standards.” With increasing violence, Trump reminded police officers to “uphold clear and high policing standards.”

Speaking at the White House Rose Garden, the commander-in-chief recognized the suffering that the victims of police brutality had to go through, “To all the hurting families, I want you to know that all Americans are by your side. Your loved ones will not have died in vain, we are one nation, we grieve together, and we heal together.”

Unfortunately, Democrats were not too happy with the administration’s progress. In a report from The Hill, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer criticized Trump’s effort as a “cheap” effort to resolve years of “inflammatory” policies.