A prosecutor in New Mexico dropped the aggravated battery with a deadly weapon charge against Steven Baca, the man who was suspected of shooting a rioter in Albuquerque during a protest in which Antifa thugs and other protestors were vandalizing a monument and was trying to topple it down. The prosecutor dropped the charge after images and videos emerged, where it showed that Baca was surrounded by several protestors, and he was being attacked. The video also showed that Scott Williams, the vandal who was shot, was wielding a knife and was trying to attack Baca with it. The prosecutor said that he expected Baca to claim self-defense in the case.

“There have been rumors on social media about what transpired in the final seconds before this, and we are actively looking into those and whether or not this was justified. The reason he is not facing that charge right now is because this investigation is not complete.” Bernalillo County District Attorney Raúl Torrez said in an online press briefing.

Under New Mexico law, a person cannot claim self-defense if he was the one who initiated the fight. Investigators have asked for more information so they can confirm the rumors that Williams was also armed. Torrez claims that as of now, it does not seem that Williams was armed, but the video clearly shows that he was wielding a knife while he attacked Baca. The media was quick to take the side of the leftist rioter and claim that he was innocent of any wrongdoing. They want to make it appear that they were just peacefully demonstrating when the conservatives showed up to cause trouble.

In reality, they harassed the ordinary people who showed up to protect the monument. Even as some of their members were trying to pull the statue down, other members of their mob attacked the counter-protestors and were cowards enough to pull out knives. It seems that the rioter who wants to abolish the police and courts is counting on the same justice system to charge and jail someone they disagreed with.