After months of denial, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) finally admitted a “very grim” outbreak is taking place in Beijing-possibly, even bigger than the previous Wuhan outbreak.

Currently, Chinese authorities have ordered a lockdown to at least 29 communities and have issued travel restrictions within China. Global Times, the communist party’s propaganda arm, reported that “Nine out of 11 districts in Beijing have reported confirmed cases, of which Fengtai district is the most stricken area.”

To control the situation, city officials claimed that Beijing should strengthen the “bottom line thinking” and wage an all-out fight against “epidemic prevention and control.” Officials have also conducted citywide inspections, ordered lockdowns, and placed restrictions for “high-risk” people leaving the city.

According to the Chinese media outlet, even taxis as well as “car-hailing vehicles” have been prohibited in Beijing and other cities. Authorities have also issued grave warnings to its residents not to travel to Beijing, while people returning from the city are held under strict quarantine orders. Health officials have also issued thousands of coronavirus tests among its residents. Even schools have been closed down in fear of spreading infection.

Even more alarming is that on Tuesday morning, the Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing Daxing Airport announced that they have suspended “inter-provincial flight services.” The problem is that international flights are still ongoing.

Moreover, Experts claimed that the current outbreak might carry “more infections than the Wuhan one.” The statement was made by Chinese virologist Yang Zhanqiu. The scientist admitted that they see a similar pattern of growth infections with that of the previous Wuhan outbreak. Given that Beijing is the nation’s capital, scientists feared that it might be worse than the Wuhan epidemic.

Despite the resurgence of the coronavirus outbreak in China, the government continued to deny accountability of its failure to control the virus and instead found new sources to pin the blame. In another op-ed, the Global Times believed that the country was hit with yet another strain of coronavirus coming from Europe. Breitbart News observed that the Chinese media outlet changed its narrative to make people believe that “The foreign origins of the Beijing virus were also advanced as the reason China cannot control the new outbreak as quickly as it supposedly killed off the Wuhan coronavirus.”

Global Times reassured the public that “Beijing is not Wuhan 2.0,” and that the country would not be forced to face an economic shutdown. The media outlet criticized “European societies” for their collective failure to care about the ongoing pandemic. As a stern warning, the propaganda arm warned Chinese citizens not to mirror that “careless outside world” instead of staying vigilant.

In the US, the ongoing nationwide protests over the death of African-American George Floyd had caused experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci to worry that a possible coronavirus resurgence might take place. As a result, states such as Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Texas have reported an all-time high in terms of their coronavirus cases.

While Democrats continued to support the protesters who violate health and safety guidelines, politicians are attacking President Donald Trump’s decision to resume his iconic MAGA rallies, despite implementing strict health regulations such as temperature check, and sanitation.