In a recent Rasmussen Report Polls, which were released on Monday, one in three American voters believed that the nation might face another civil unrest as tension continues to rise. However, left-wing media establishments blame far-right supporters for the possibility of inciting another war.

According to the poll, the unrest was a result of several issues of race, heavy policing, and the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Overall, 34% percent of US voters agreed it is “very likely” that a second war might take place in the next five years.

The study cites that the recent numbers were slightly higher compared “to 31 percent and 11 percent respectively two years ago.” Based on party affiliations, 40 percent of Republican voters claimed that a possible second civil war is looming “on the horizon,” while only 28 percent of Democrats agreed. On the other hand, 38 percent of independent voters believe in the threat of a civil war.

Rasmussen also tapped into the emerging issue of desecrating and putting down Confederate statues during the wake of Black Lives Matter protests. Based on the results, 39 percent of all voters agree that the removal of Confederate symbols throughout the country will help race relations. Moreover, 27 percent disagree that the removal will hurt race relations.

The numbers differ from August 2017, when 28 percent agree that it will help race relations, while 39 percent believed that it would do more harm than good. In addition, a constant 28 percent believe that the removal of all Confederate statues will have no impact.

In terms of gender, most women who are under 40 support the ongoing anti-police protests and anti-Confederacy sentiments. When it comes to race, only 29 percent of African-Americans believe that the ongoing protests will lead to “meaningful racial” changes in the country. The portion was lower as compared to the 35 percent of whites and 48 percent of other minority voters.

However, 54 percent of Blacks agree that removing Confederate symbols, names, and statues will help race relations. Notably, 50 percent of those who claim that removing Confederate history will hurt race relations also agree that a civil war is likely to take place. Speaking of the country’s history, Rasmussen wrote that “As recently as last November, 73 percent of American Adults said Americans should be proud of the history of the United States.” The study also points out that “ 32 percent of Democrats share New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s view that ‘we’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great.’”

Among the growing far-left sentiments, Forbes published an article that claimed that GOP supporters are most likely to incite a civil war. According to the article, author Seth Cohen discussed the allegations against Air Force Staff Sergeant Steven Carillo and his ties with the “boogaloo movement.”

Currently, Carillo was under police custody for the ambush, murder, and attempted murder of a sheriff’s deputy in Santa Cruz. Cohen described members of the boogaloo movement as “a loose group of far-right individuals who are pro-gun, anti-government, and believe that another civil war in America is imminent.” Cohen likened the group to a far-left terrorist organization, Antifa, who had caused riots, and burned down numerous buildings over the death of George Floyd. He claimed that members of the boogaloo movement “overlap” with other right-wing groups that adhere to “racist” and “supremacist ideologies.”

The author concluded that given President Donald Trump’s racist past, he had further encouraged members of the movement to take the opportunity of the tense political climate to incite civil unrest.