The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced that it has lost a total of 54 scientists due to resignation and dismissal as the ongoing probe of the Trump administration to find Chinese spies in labs and schools continue across the country. The probers who are checking into the personnel at NIH are looking for financial ties to foreign entities that scientists have failed to disclose. So far, they have identified 399 scientists who have suspicious ties. The NIH is a part of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and is vital in conducting research for health and disease response. As such, the research conducted by its scientists is very vital to the country.

Of the 399 scientists who have been identified, only 54 have lost their jobs so far. This was revealed by Michael Lauer, head of extramural research of the NIH. It was also revealed that the agency has ongoing investigations for 187 scientists who are working in 89 laboratories or institutions. Around 80% of those being investigated are Asian males who have been found to have undisclosed financial ties. Around 75% of the scientists have grants that add up to more than $160 million. It has been disclosed that Chinese institutions have been giving secret funding to more than 90% of the suspected scientists.

The Trump administration has accused Beijing of actively using espionage to steal vital research and treatment that can be used for fighting the coronavirus. China has long been known to conduct espionage activities that are military, scientific, or industrial in nature. They have been known to steal complete plans for weapons systems.

That the vast majority of the suspected scientists are Asian should not come as a surprise. China targets people of Asian origin to work for them as spies. The NIH has also accused Beijing of using its Thousand Talents Program as a means for getting access to the top research laboratories of the United States. Some officials have called the program a non-traditional form of espionage. Unfortunately, it has been very effective in tapping people who can provide them with vital information.

The probe has uncovered some prominent names in the research field with problematic ties with Beijing. For example, criminal charges have been filed against Charles Lieber, a prominent scientist, and researcher from Harvard University. It is not surprising that so many spies and traitors are coming out of the top schools of the country since the liberals have been brainwashing students there for decades.