On Wednesday, President Donald blasted Chinese leader Xi Jinping over the communist country’s misinformation campaign against the US, adding that China must have been “desperate” to have Joe Biden as President.

The US President had enough of China deflecting the blame on the deadly Chinese virus, which had already cost more than 300,000 lives worldwide. In a Twitter tirade, Trump claimed that the communist country was “trying desperately to deflect the pain and carnage that their country spread throughout the world.” He continued that it was rather disgraceful how the country had been spreading disinformation campaigns against the US and Europe. Trump added that he believed such a deliberate decision comes all the way “from the top” of the Chinese administration.

Finally, he concluded that the Chinese government could have easily stopped the outbreak, but they refused to do so.

In another social media post, Trump made a follow-up tweet stating that China is “desperate to have Sleepy Joe Biden win the presidential race so they can continue to rip-off the United States.”

A day before, Trump also responded to a Chinese media outlet’s grave effort to avoid taking the blame for spreading the deadly COVID-19 virus. Trump demanded an explanation over the “incompetence of China” and how they should take accountability for the “mass worldwide killing.”

Researchers also support Trump’s views. In fact, in a study from the University of Southampton, experts believed that as much as 95% of coronavirus infections could have been prevented if China was able to implement early detection, travel restrictions, and social distancing. In another study found by medRxiv, while China’s non-pharmaceutical intervention has helped in curbing the deadly virus, earlier enforcement could have stopped the spread.

The problem is that instead of warning residents about the potential threat of coronavirus the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials deliberately tried to cover-up initial reports of the virus by silencing doctors and journalists who tried to speak up, partnered with tech giants to censor internet keywords about the outbreak, refused to allow the CDC to conduct an investigation and even destroyed samples from Chinese labs. What’s worse, is that they have also corroborated with the famed World Health Organization (WHO) to hide the true extent of the outbreak.

Currently, China continues to struggle to show that they are still in control. According to a report from The Patriot Hill, dictator Xi Jinping announced that the CCP would provide free Chinese coronavirus vaccines that had been paid for by Beijing. In a statement, the leader claimed that China had responded to the outbreak with such “openness,” “transparency,” and a strong sense of “responsibility.” Aside from contributing to the spread of the deadly virus, Xi Jinping claimed that they would also contribute to providing more “accessible” and “affordable” vaccines in developing countries.

While the CCP’s move might have been served with the best interest, China already had a long faulty and complicated relationship with vaccines. In fact, The Patriot Hill even reported how Chinese media outlets have openly admitted that parents opt to use foreign-made vaccines, due to recent Chinese vaccine scandals.