The Chinese state media took another dig at President Donald Trump on Tuesday by stating that according to their research, the President probably has diarrhea because of his hydroxychloroquine intake.

State-run media the Global Times came in with Chinese research that apparently proves that the hydroxychloroquine treatment has different sorts of unpleasant side effects and that Trump probably already suffers from them because he has been taking it as a protection from the deadly Chinese coronavirus.

“Using hydroxychloroquine for mild and moderate coronavirus-infected patients is not encouraged, as patients can show symptoms of digestive diseases, such as diarrhea, sickness and vomiting, Chinese researchers from Shanghai Ruijin Hospital announced on Monday,” the Global Times wrote.

Even Chinese Netizens commented on the topic and expressed their opinions regarding the US President. Some wrote on Twitter asking why the President is pushing a drug that “can cause hallucinations and heart failure?” Together with the hashtag Trump-critics created #HesLying. Chinese netizens on Weibo mocked the President, saying that it’s time to show President Trump’s capability to sell products on the internet. Some also questioned his decision for taking hydroxychloroquine, saying, “Is it worth promoting at the risk of his life?”

Aside from their false accusations against Trump, the Chinese state-run media also pushed the narrative that President Trump is only trying to promote hydroxychloroquine because he has some financial interest in it. The Global Times also added that it was a possibility that cannot be ruled out as it perfectly suits the President’s personality of “being a businessman.”

Clearly, the Chinese media is joining the left-wing media in pushing for the false ideology that hydroxychloroquine is poison, when in fact, the drug has been used for years and years by medical professionals, not just for coronavirus but for other diseases.