Just last week, a member of the Committee on House Administration Rep. Rodney Davis introduced a bill that would stop the Democratic Party’s plan to implement a nationwide “ballot harvesting.”

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic had given the Dems the perfect excuse to lobby the practice of ballot harvesting, in which individuals, or so-called “operatives” can deliver an unlimited number of mail-in ballots. GOP politicians believed that such practice lends people highly susceptible to fraud, especially since operatives are not required by the state to identify themselves if they are at the voter’s home.

The bill, which is entitled, “Election Fraud Prevention Act,” cites that the practice of ballot harvesting will only make ballots more vulnerable, specifically with the less secure chain-of-custody. It also argues how voter fraud had become a threat to certain states. For example, congressional elections in North Carolina had been invalidated due to issues of election fraud, which involved ballot harvesting. However, the bill argued that such instances might have been avoided if the person can cast their votes in-person. As the bill cites, “ballot harvesting invites electioneering activity at home and creates the possibility of undue influence over voters by political operatives.”

Based on the bill, states who chose to practice ballot harvesting will not receive federal funding through the Election Assistance Commission (EAC). The ballots will only then be collected by authorized individuals, such as election officials, and US Postal Service employees, family members, or caregivers of the person who had mailed the ballot.

Rep. Davis believed that the bill would help protect the integrity of the country’s electoral process. By allowing ballot harvesting, Davis believed that the Democrats are only allowing individuals to simply pick ballots, and to deliver it to polling stations, without being checked. As the left-wing party continued to lobby that mail-in-voting will encourage social distancing, the Republican lawmaker believed that it might jeopardize public health, as it will encourage so-called “ballot brokers” at homes of senior citizens, and without regard for social distancing guidelines. It will also allow political operatives to collect the ballots, even if it already had pre-paid postage.

While the rest of the Republican party remained concerned with issues of electoral fraud, the Democratic party used their beaming Hollywood supporters to gain media attention. Recently, a group of aging Hollywood stars has used their social media platforms to urge Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to approve a vote by mail, believing that it will allow senior citizens to vote without being at risk.

The aging stars shared a video from Defending Democracy Together, a member of a Never-Trump Republican organization. Moreover, the advocacy had also received funding from eBay billionaire Pierre Omidyar, a major Democrat donor, and a staunch anti-Trump critic.

One of those who had appealed on social media was 98-year-old, Carl Reiner. In the video, Reiner tried to garner sympathy by saying that “Although we’re dying to vote, we’d much rather just vote and not die.”

Other stars include Rita Moreno, George Takei, and Harry Bellafonte.