The New York State Department of Health has just admitted that its reporting does not fully reflect the number of deaths suffered in nursing homes and adult care facilities. The shocking revelation came as Governor Cuomo is facing increasing criticism for his failed attempt at halting the spread of the virus in his state. New York has become the epicenter of the pandemic, not just for the United States but the entire world.

In a statement made to the Daily Caller News Foundation, the Department of Health of New York State admitted that they have been omitting some deaths caused by the Wuhan virus from the reports that they have been publishing in regards to nursing homes. It seems that the deaths of residents of nursing home facilities that occurred in hospitals have been removed from the report as early as the first part of May.

The admission came even as the New York governor is facing increased criticism for giving out an order which required adult care facilities to accept patients from hospitals who have tested positive for the Wuhan virus. The order was perplexing because it is widely known that older people are more prone to the virus, which is why seniors are advised not to go out even if there are restrictive lockdowns in place in some areas. Some are now saying that Cuomo’s order, which was only rescinded on the 11th of May, has directly resulted in an unnecessarily high death rate in the state among older people and that its effects will still be felt.

The change in the reporting seems to have started in the first week of May. The department claims that they are omitting deaths that occurred in hospitals when reporting Wuhan virus deaths among their patients to avoid inconsistencies in reporting. However, their omission is actually causing that.

Of the states that have a large number of Wuhan virus deaths among residents of long-term care facilities, New York is the only that does not report deaths that occurred in hospitals. Some wonder if the omission is attempting to alter the numbers to protect governor Cuomo from additional criticisms.