Medal of Freedom awardee and conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh gave a commentary on how the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is starting to sound like another “scare tactic” such as climate change.

On Thursday, the radio host made a comparison between coronavirus and climate change, both of which had become the center of grim predictions. Limbaugh began by saying that since the ’80s, scientists have long warned the “dire consequences” of climate change if people failed to take action. “The predictions are all for different periods of time—30 years from today, 30 years from now, 40 years, in the next 50 years,” Limbaugh said.

However, the host reasoned out that if such predictions were true, people would not have been alive today. The host continued to say that just like climate change, the coronavirus is just another “scare tactic.” The Limbaugh said that the predictions had become increasingly ridiculous over time.

The host also cited a dire assessment by Soumya Swaminathan, the World Health Organization’s chief scientist, in which the expert believed that the virus might not be under control for the next few years. In a Global Boardroom digital conference, hosted by the Financial Times, Swaminathan said that it might take a four to five-year timeframe before the virus can be controlled.

The radio host vehemently disagreed with Swaminathan’s predictions, claiming that they were just being political. Limbaugh also noted that such an opinion should be considered as “irresponsible.”

He continued to say that when the economic shutdown was announced, no one had expected it would last this long. Contrary to the WHO’s prediction, Limbaugh believed, like most people, that the lockdown was just a “temporary thing.”

Limbaugh noted that the problem is with the establishment media and their goal to “keep moving the goalposts on us.” The host explained that at first, the media had encouraged people to flatten the curve, and to increase testing, as not to overwhelm the hospitals.

As the country saw more coronavirus related deaths, the host believed that such a model was “flawed” since the administration had followed the experts’ opinion, including ramping up the country’s testing.

In fact, the US is the leading country in terms of testing. Limbaugh claimed that despite the government’s best efforts, the country would continue to face roadblocks. He enumerated that at first, experts demanded testing, and when that was proven as insufficient, they demanded antibodies. Now, people are demanding a vaccine.

The host concluded that it is the same with climate change predictions, in which people tried to put additional roadblocks if the predictions failed to scare the public.

The prominent conservative figure also warned that the mission to re-open the US economy might tear the country apart, the same way the issue of slavery once did in 1861. Limbaugh explained that the blue state’s decision to lock down was “purely political.” However, Limbaugh noted that while the Democratic governors are in a perpetual state of the lockdown, the red states, on the other hand, will be the ones responsible for jumpstarting the economy and supporting the Democratic states. Limbaugh concluded that such decisions might eventually lead the country to a “veritable civil war.”