After the Michigan Judge ruled against authoritarian Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the state tried to get even with 77-year-old Karl Manke by stripping the business owner’s license.

The Owosso barber first made headlines after the state’s Attorney General filed a case against Manke for imposing an “imminent danger” to the community. Fortunately, the Michigan judge ruled against Whitmer’s demands, explaining that Manke did not commit such violations. The case had since garnered both public and media attention.

On Tuesday, the state made its move, by stripping Manke’s business license, claiming that the 77-year old presents “clear public health dangers” and will further reinforce MDHHS Director’s Public Health Order. The state’s Attorney General also claimed that he would pursue the case, despite the judge’s ruling.

In an interview with radio host, Steve Gruber, Manke’s attorney, David Kallman, condemned the government’s move, citing that the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs had suspended the license, without undergoing any due process. Kallman argued that there was no legal basis for the suspension, claiming that Manke did not violate any temporary restraining order since the state had never granted one. In fact, Kallman described the state’s action as “vindictive” and proof of Whitmer’s “abuse of power.”

Manke decided to open his barbershop despite Whitmer’s strict stay-at-home order after he had been turned down thrice for unemployment benefits. Addressing reporters outside of his barbershop on Monday, Manke stood firm on his decision, and even went on to challenge the state, saying: “What, are they going to give me? Life? I’ve got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. I could care less.”

The local business owner refused to rely on government subsidies, believing that as long as he is capable of doing his occupation as a barber, he would continue to do so. “That’s what I do. That’s what I’m going to continue to do,” Manke declared.

Becoming more emotional, the Michigan resident said that he had tried to live as an upstanding member of the community. Manke explained that being in business for 59 years, the coronavirus pandemic had left him with no choice, as he had gone for six weeks without receiving any paychecks, and without any money coming in.

He continued that he had never once in life looked for a government handout, and claimed that he did not even know what they were. In fact, someone had even told him to get food stamps; however, Manke refused to do so. The 77-year-old barber claimed that he would rather go to work.

Moreover, he also thanked everyone for the massive community support. Manke thought that at first, he was only doing this alone; It’s overwhelming,” he choked up.

When Whitmer was asked about Manke’s firm stand against the state’s stay-at-home order, the governor responded that she “expects” everyone to follow the law, further implying her authoritative power by claiming that the lockdown was an executive order and not a “suggestion.”

As the country gears toward economic re-opening, more and more governors were being criticized against their authoritative stay-at-home orders. The Wisconsin Supreme Court had also ruled against Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and will mark the lifting of the state’s economic shutdown as well as lifting all restrictions on the size of gatherings.