Years after the news of an alleged “Russian Collusion” plagued the Trump administration, recent evidence showed that contrary to popular belief, Russia wanted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 presidential elections, and not President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, Fox News reported that based on the recently declassified evidence from the House Committee transcripts, Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell called into question the very basis of the alleged Russian Collusion. “This could be a bombshell,” Henry remarked.

According to Fox News reporter Ed Henry, the newly declassified information suggested that John Brennan, who led the Central Intelligence Agency during the Obama administration, admitted that “actually, Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win because she was a known quantity, she had been secretary of state.“ Brennan explained that “Vladimir Putin’s team thought she was more malleable, while candidate Donald Trump was unpredictable.”

Before then-President Barack Obama left the White House in 2017, he called his top officials in an oval office meeting, including then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, then-Vice President Joe Biden, then-FBI Director James Comey, then-CIA Director John Brennan, and then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Despite having prior knowledge that there was not enough evidence to support accusations against then-incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Obama gave a green light for FBI officials to push Flynn into a perjury trap.

On the same media outlet, Fox News shared that Former National Security Council chief of staff Fred Fleitz shared a similar claim. Just last month, Fleitz claimed that a House Intelligence Committee staff revealed that after an “exhaustive investigation” and numerous interviews, Brennan tried to suppress strong evidence that Putin actually favored Clinton over Trump, seeing that she was “more predictable and malleable.”

Fleitz continued that the House Intelligence Committee staff believed that instead, the Dems tried to turn the tables, and pursue allegations that the Russian government had influenced Trump’s campaign bid, despite the lack of information that would substantiate their claims. In fact, Fleitz noted that even CIA analysts “objected to including that flawed, substandard information in the assessment.”

Moreover, in 2017, Breitbart News also reported that Clinton supported Obama’s pro-Russian deals which include, the surrender of US missile defenses in Eastern Europe and the sale of 20% of American uranium reserves to the Russian government.

For three years, the President fought against what he believed was the “Witch Hunt hoax.” In 2019, Trump denied accusations that he had admitted to the claim that the Russian government had helped him to win the presidency. In fact, the lefty media outlet, The New York Times , wrote that Trump refused to publicly admit that Russia had a sleight of hand in the 2016 elections.

Fortunately, it came as no surprise when President Trump celebrated the revelation of the #Obamagate scandal. In fact, he even called the incident as the “biggest political crime in American History by far!”.