The City of Wuhan, home to at least 8 million residents, once became the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus. However, just a month after the city celebrated the end of its 10-week lockdown, reports show that a new cluster of infection is starting to emerge in the city.

The newly reported cases came from the same residential compound. Among those who were infected was the wife of the 89-year-old man who was listed as the first confirmed coronavirus case in Wuhan.

According to BBC, all the previously listed cases were asymptomatic, which means that they tested positive from coronavirus infection, but showed no signs or symptoms. This also raised the alarm, as asymptomatic cases have the highest potential to spread the virus, yet they were not included in the total number of confirmed cases, that is, until they exhibit any signs and symptoms.

In fact, hundreds of asymptomatic cases had been currently monitored in the city. To see the virus’ trends, since the lockdown had ended on April 8, Wuhan conducted 47,000 nucleic acid tests for the virus each day.

In another report, from the Chinese propaganda arm, The Global Times cited that the city of Shulan, which was located in northern Jilin province, had been specified as a high-risk area, as new infections began to spread. Chinese authorities have traced the infection from a 45-year-old woman who worked as a laundry worker for a local public security bureau. The city’s mayor, Jin Hua, declared that the community is now in a “war-time mode.” Prior to the recent cases, the city did not have any recorded case of infection for 70 straight days.

Due to the increasing cluster of COVID-19 infections, National Health Commission spokesman Mi Feng stated that the infections had been closely monitored among the seven Chinese provinces. Their initial data showed that the cases originated from closed residential compounds and hospitals. Currently, there have been more than 84,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in China, and a minimum of 4,600 related deaths. However, the death toll remains disputed as otherworld leaders believed that China might have underreported the real number of deaths.

In the past weeks, China had been aggressive in defending its own deluded narrative. In fact, just last month, the Global Times called Secretary of State Mike Popeo as “sinister” and unchristian,” even going as far as labeling him as “the worst US. secretary of state in its history.”

The Chinese media reacted after Pompeo called out the Chinese government for deliberately hiding crucial coronavirus information on other countries, information that, as scientists predicted, could have prevented as much as 95% of the total COVID-19 infections.

Instead, the communist regime tried to silence doctors and journalists who wished to expose the reality of the Chinese outbreak. Even President Donald Trump had also launched the country’s own initiative to investigate and make China accountable. In a press briefing, the president shared that there had been strong evidence that a Wuhan lab might have played a significant role in spreading the deadly disease.