Another day of victory for local business owners as a Michigan Judge refused to heed demands from Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to close down an Owosso barbershop.

77-year-old Karl Manke faced Whitmer’s wrath, as he defied state orders to open up his Barber & Beauty Shop. However, on Monday, the Judge denied that the 77-year-old had committed any violations against the Governor’s state orders by opening his barbershop. Reporter Katie Heid who broadcasts the incident, said, “This is not only a big victory for Mr. Manke, but also for other small businesses.”

The case was filed by the state’s Attorney General, in its effort to obtain a temporary restraining order against Manke’s barbershop. The AG filed on behalf of the MDHHS, which claimed that the business owner had posed an “imminent danger to public health in light of the COVID 19 pandemic.” However, the state refused to back down and promised to immediately schedule a hearing.

Sadly, Manke explained to the media outlet, ABC 12 that he was forced to reopen his barbershop after he was unable to receive unemployment benefits. In another media appearance with radio host, Steve Gruber, Manke stated, “I just couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do that.” The business owner continued to stand firm in his decisions, saying, “I don’t care really if I have to spend all of the money I’m making right now to pay my fine. It’s worth it.” When asked what advice can he give to other barbers, he added that it’s just a matter of “courage.”

Just last week, The Patriot Hill reported the story of Dallas salon owner Shelly Luther who faced jail time after she refused to admit that she was sorry for opening up her salon and violating strict stay-at-home orders. During the hearing, Luther explained that “I have to disagree with you, sir…because feeding my kids is not selfish.” She also added that her salon employees are also getting hungry.

In fact, local businesses are taking a step against Democratic governors, and aggressive stay-at-home orders. In California, nail salon owners are planning to sue Gov. Gavin Newsom after he erroneously claimed that coronavirus came from nail salons. The backlash began, when the Governor was asked why such businesses were included in phase 3 of the state’s economic reopening, and not in phase 2. Newsom responded that the outbreak in the state of California actually originated from a nail salon.

Subsequently, the association of barbershops and nail salons reacted violently against Newsom’s accusations. In an interview with public policy director and legal counsel for the Professional Beauty Federation of California, Fred Jones explained that other businesses that dealt with close proximity to its customers, such as grocery and hardware stores, do not use any gloves or even masks. Jones defended, “There’s not going to be a salon in California when we reopen, that doesn’t have both. We are trained in this.”