After months of the media pinning the blame on the Trump administration for downplaying the virus, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany confronted media establishments claiming that they are the ones who should be guilty of doing so.

On Wednesday, Reuters reporter Jeff Mason told McEnany that before she became the Press Secretary, she made a comment on Fox News, saying that “President Trump will not allow the coronavirus to come to this country.” Marson continued by asking her if, “Given what has happened since then, obviously, would you like to take that back?”

However, McEnany came prepared, as she confidently addressed, not only Marson but the rest of the media establishment, by making them accountable for their previous statements. “I guess I would turn the question back on the media and ask similar questions,” McEnany began. She then asked Vox if they wanted to take back their claim that the COVID-19 is not a deadly pandemic. She also turned to the Washington Post, if they also wanted to take back their statements that Americans should get a “grip, the flu is bigger than the coronavirus?”

McEnany also called out the Washington Post for citing that people’s brains are only exaggerating (and perhaps imagining) the threat of coronavirus, or for comments that the Trump administration should not respond “aggressively” to the virus. She then moved on to the New York Times for declaring that the fear and panic of the COVID-19 is spreading way faster than the real disease. Finally, she called out the NPR for stating that the seasonal flu is a more serious threat than the Chinese Virus.

After her response, the media erupted to a burst of questions. However, McEnany refused to take any inquiries. Instead, she simply closed her files, said thank you, and left the room, giving establishment media the time to respond to her accusations.


During Wednesday’s briefing, McEnany stepped in to give the public an update on Trump’s accomplishments in fighting the deadly coronavirus outbreak. The Press Secretary showed a graph which cites that the US was able to complete 7.5 million coronavirus tests, and is currently leading the world in terms of testing. She also boasted how the FDA is working overtime to issue 70 emergency use authorizations to expand the testing, as well as holding 80 clinical trials in hopes of finding a vaccine.

This is not the first time that McEnany confronted the media. Previously, an ABC News correspondent, Jon Karl asked her about the FBI’s handling of the controversial case of former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, and the Press Secretary fought back. McEnany asked Karl if it did not “trouble” him, both as a journalist and American citizen, that the FBI was able to manipulate Flynn to lie. The correspondent pushed backed and replied dryly that it was not his “job” to say if the issue was troubling.

The media was furious by McEnany’s clever tactics that the Guardian called her “The latest spokeswoman for the ministry of untruth.” On the other hand, the Rolling Stones described the Press Secretary as someone who does not have any “qualification for the job.” The media outlet even claimed that her career was found by her “lack of shame.”