By taking an antibody sample from a former SARS patient, the team found out that a certain area of the virus can be effectively “targeted” with medication and therapies. According to researchers, these groundbreaking findings can be used to develop a vaccine.

In a statement on Friday, the researchers explained that the antibody could attach itself to the virus’s “weak spot” on both the SARS and COVID-19 virus. It “is crucial to spreading the highly contagious virus, and…its composition suggests that it would be vulnerable to drugs,” biologist Ian Wilson said.

This comes as no surprise since the two viruses came from the same strain. Now, the challenge for experts is that “we found that this (spot) is usually hidden inside the virus, and only exposed when that part of the virus changes its structure, as it would in natural infection,” Meng Yuan, said in an official statement from the Scripps Research.

In another report from The Patriot Hill, scientists from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine also announced that aside from commonly-used Malaria drug chloroquine, the polio vaccine also has the potential to cure the deadly disease. Published in the EBioMedicine, experts tested a small patch of the vaccine on mice infected by COVID-19. By doing so, the vaccine successfully increased the number of antibodies. Just like in the Scripps Research, the Pitt Study was also able to use the team’s existing knowledge and research on both SARS and MERS viruses. Scientists also believe that the polio vaccine can mitigate and contain the spread of the coronavirus.

While lab tests still continue for the coronavirus medication, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo already issued a go-signal to use Trump-endorsed chloroquine for emergency situations. In fact, as many as 4,000 seriously ill patients in the state were given the medication. According to the latest report by health officials, patients were given doses over the course of a four or 10-day regimen.

However, left-wing supporters continued to doubt the effectiveness of the anti-malaria medication, despite experts and patients claiming it as a possible life-saver. In a White House press briefing, CNN’s Jeremy Diamond challenged President Donald Trump over his endorsement of the drug.

During the briefing, Diamond asked Trump why he would not let the experts promote the drug instead. Trump simply responded that he was “trying to save lives.” The president continued to say that while the medication is still undergoing lab tests, the administration cannot wait a good year and a half to confirm if indeed hydroxychloroquine is effective. Trump responded, “If it doesn’t work, it’s nothing lost by doing it,” He added, “Nothing.”

Moreover, the president had also asked left-wing media if they can stop spreading fake news until the virus could be resolved. Currently, the administration has bought massive quantities of the drug to be distributed across the country.