During Fox News’s virtual town hall on Tuesday, President Donald Trump revealed that he plans to open up the country by April 12.

“It’s such an important day for other reasons, but I will make it an important day for this: I would love to have the country opened up, and they are just raring to go by Easter,” Trump said in the White House Rose Garden. Trump believed that it is important for Americans to go back to work as soon as possible. In his Twitter post, the president wrote that while he plans to open up the country, people should still observe health guidelines such as social distancing.

One of the leading members of Trump’s coronavirus task force, Dr. Anthony Fauci, also confirmed in Ingraham Angle, that both health experts and the administration are working together to provide a specific date for the country to reopen. Fauci also describes Trump’s plan to jumpstart the economy as “aspirational,” saying that the president wanted to have a “certain date” as to when things would go back to normal.

He also stressed that Trump listens to the advice of health professionals. Although the president is hoping to reboot the economy sooner, he understands that creating a coronavirus timeline needs to be more “flexible.” Fauci highlighted that the president maintains an open mind and still oversees the situation on a daily basis.

However, Democrats are having none of it and still continues to push for a longer shutdown. In an interview with left-winged media, MSNBC, Rep. and former HHS Secretary Donna Shalala says that Trump’s plan was both “dangerous and immoral.”

Referring to the president’s plan to open around Easter, the lawmaker accused the president of defying “ethical standards.” Shalala even claimed that the president chose to save the economy rather than look after human life. She continued to say that Trump is making irresponsible decisions by putting human life at risk.

In a column for Breitbart News, writer Cliff Sims wrote that the president had made the right choice of opening the country as he cited a study from Oxford University’s Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious Disease. Based on research, less than a thousand people who have been infected by the virus will need hospitalization and those that have died from the virus usually have underlying diseases or has a compromised immune system.

Albeit to the seemingly “immoral” and “dangerous” decision that the Democrats claim, Sims noted that rather than paralyzing the economy, the government should focus more on protecting “the most vulnerable” citizens, all the while preserving American workers and businesses.

In fact, South Korea, which Dems often cited as a country that was able to “quickly” respond to the virus, opted not to close down businesses and offices. Rather, their administration provided testing and immediate hospitalization, suggesting that the opposition’s fear of opening the country and increasing health risks are largely unfounded.