While the rest of the country—and even the entire world is fighting against the deadly coronavirus pandemic, thousands of spring breakers have flocked into the beaches of Florida to enjoy and have a good time.

Media outlets have reported that students opted to party and go on beach trips despite repeated warnings from President Donald Trump to observe “social distancing.” In a report from Reuters, several students have discarded the threat of the pandemic, stating that they would rather die than having one less day of fun.

Others have shared that they have waited for months to go on a spring break, while some simply dismissed the ongoing pandemic, saying that there are more “serious” issues to be resolved, such as hunger and poverty.


Even stars such as Vanessa Hudgens had received major backlash when she ranted that “even if everyone gets it, like yeah, people are gonna die, which is terrible, but like, inevitable.”

This dangerous mindset is the primary reason why the cases continue to go up. To contain the virus, health experts said that “social distancing” is crucial to “flatten the curve” or slow down the spread of the virus.

The problem with the COVID-19 virus is that it usually takes five days before a patient can see signs and symptoms. Without social distancing, patients might go around with their normal everyday tasks without even knowing that they have already spread the virus through air droplets. Without quarantine, the infected patient will repeat the same cycle over and over again, and further driving up the number of cases.

Even Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had still refused to cooperate and heed the advice of the CDC and Federal government to close down the beaches. What was even alarming is that the state already had 330 cases of coronavirus patients, 30 of which came from Northeast Florida. At the same time, the region also reported its first COVID-related death last Wednesday.

The situation had become increasingly concerning. Currently, all 50 states have been affected, and the last state to announce that they have a confirmed coronavirus case is West Virginia. Governor Jim Justice had announced that there is already one coronavirus patient who had not been hospitalized and had ordered drastic measures to close down all bars, restaurants, and casinos. He also urged all residents to stay in their homes or to keep a safe distance from one another.

Indeed, even President Donald Trump was not happy with those who continued to ignore the government’s guidelines. The list includes limiting social gatherings of not more than ten people, observing a two-meter distance from everyone, and avoiding necessary travel—all of which have been violated by the students. Finally, the president reminded everyone to do their part to finally resolve the ongoing pandemic.