As cases rose over the densely populated state of New York, Governor Cuomo claimed that President Donald Trump “is doing the right thing” during his press conference on Tuesday.

Despite the accusations of the Democratic party, Cuomo praised Trump for his coronavirus response, saying that the administration was “on it.” The governor also used the opportunity to echo Trump’s pleas to put politics and partisanship aside in the onslaught of the ongoing pandemic.

Currently, the state has more than 1,700 confirmed cases. The increasing number of patients had pushed the governor to speak with Trump on Tuesday morning. Moreover, the president, in turn, assured Cuomo that he would be using federal resources to help the people of New York, who currently have more than eight million residents.

In his official statement, Cuomo described the president as someone who is “ready, willing, and able to help,” saying that he had been communicating with his staff, especially on providing more bed capacity for the state’s hospitals.

Cuomo’s statement sheds light on the misleading remarks and accusations that the Democratic party has been spreading. In fact, in a recent article from the Washington Post, the media outlet revealed that a left-winged PAC plans to spend $5 million on digital ads that are focused on criticizing the president over his “incompetent” coronavirus response.

Even Democratic front-runner and gaffe-filled Joe Biden also echoed the same sentiment, even declaring that the president is incompetent to handle both the stock market crash and the coronavirus pandemic.

Cuomo also clarified the rumors that the president had been spreading false information. In his statement, Cuomo praised Trump for being “100% sincere” and commended his massive efforts to resolve the pandemic. He also extended his gratefulness to the administration’s response, saying that people had been working round the clock to do everything they can to fight the virus. “I want to say thank you, and I want to say that I appreciate it,” Cuomo said.

The governor also claimed that he had been working alongside the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), who can provide the resources that the state needs, saying that “They have a capacity that we simply do not have. The governor also claimed that he had cultivated a good relationship with Trump over the years. He also promised that New Yorkers “will do everything they can” to cooperate with the federal government.

In his statement, President Donald Trump also shared that he and Cuomo had been working together to contain the virus. Trump said that through communicating with the governor, he was able to know what areas the federal government had to work on. Finally, Trump said, “New York has got a big problem. The State of Washington has a big problem. California has some big problems. Everyone’s doing a good job, but we’re going to know what it will be.”

While the administration is doing everything it can to fight the COVID-19 virus, the president has also aired his dismay over people who continued to ignore his advice to stay at home and observe social distancing. He had also reminded the public to avoid unnecessary travel.