President Donald Trump has declared that Sunday, March 15, is going to be a National Day of Prayer. He made the declaration as part of the overall effort to fight the spread of the dreaded coronavirus. President Trump said that the United States has always been a country that turned to God for strength and protection during trying times just like this one.

He encouraged all Americans, wherever they are located, to pray for the country. As expected, the declaration of a National Day of Prayer sparked anger from religious groups who consider any reference to God or religion to be sacrilegious, but it drew a great deal of support from the religious.

The call for prayer comes in the midst of the government’s struggle to deal with the coronavirus. The media and the left have criticized President Trump’s initial response to the outbreak. They have even accused him of dismissing the virus as a “hoax” although that has been proven to be fake news. That has not stopped the President’s detractors from repeating it.

The government is now ramping up its response to the outbreak. President Trump has declared that the outbreak is a national emergency. That declaration allows for the use of $50 billion in additional funding that can be used directly to combat the spread of the virus. The President’s promise to use all the resources available to fight the virus has helped the market to recover. It was so well-received that the major stock indexes recorded their single best day since 2008. Just a day before that, the indexes experienced their single worst day since 1987.

President Trump has also asked the help of Walmart, Target, and other large companies to help in the effort to stop the virus from spreading. He let the CEOs of the large companies speak, and they delivered the message that everything is okay. That reassured many investors who helped the market to recover.

The move by the President could not have come any sooner. The critics of the government were quick to point out that the government’s response was inadequate, and they have not prepared. The virus has been politicized and is now being used as a major point against the President’s reelection. With the latest moves by the government, it is expected that there would be better actions for dealing with the disease and that the economy would not be shut down completely.