In a letter addressed to the social media giant, Twitter, the president’s campaign team responded to Vice-President Joe Biden’s “doctor and deceptively” edited video, which was aimed to throw misinformation against President Donald Trump.

Trump’s campaign team clamored that under Twitter’s new standard, the said media material should fall over the category of “manipulated media” and should be removed from the social media platform.

The president’s campaign rapid response director Andrew Clark reasoned out that to Fox News that “Twitter shouldn’t be an enforcement arm of Joe Biden’s campaign strategy, but if they choose to police every video clip they must hold his own campaign to the same standard.”

It started when Dan Scavino, Trump’s communications director, tweeted an “edited version” of Biden’s speech at a rally in St Louis. The video was not altered in any way, however, it was cut off at the perfect moment which seemed to make Biden conclude that he was endorsing President Donald Trump. Later on, Trump shared Scavino’s tweet saying that he agrees with Joe.


For the Republicans, it was clear that it was not a part of Biden’s electoral campaign materials and was only meant to show his gaffes, which had become a major issue during his presidential bid. Even Democrats have echoed the same sentiment on whether “Sleepy Joe” is indeed capable of being the next commander-in-chief.

The video clip showcased Biden’s gaffe riddled speech, as he slurred to say the words that he was “an O-Biden Bama Democrat!” and later on adding the embarrassing word “Ob-gama care.”


Seemingly off-put by his long list of gaffes, Biden’s camp retaliated by releasing a video that was meant to spread false information against the president. In the said footage, Biden’s team edited clips which were expected to generate a fake quote from Trump, with the president saying that the Coronavirus is a “hoax,” and describing Neo-Nazi protesters as a “very fine people.”


Trump’s campaign team responded to Biden’s misleading video by writing a scathing letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, public policy director Carlos Monje, and general counsel Vijaya Gadde. The letter, which was written by Trump’s campaign chief operating officer Michael Glassner said that Biden’s team was pressuring social media companies to hide Biden’s embarrassing videos.

Glassner points out that the video was deliberately cut to imply that the president considered the Coronavirus as the “new hoax.” He also cited a report from the International Fact-Checking Network had verified that the quotes remained untrue.

Glassner also cleared out the claim that Trump described the Neo-Nazi protesters as “very fine people,” when in fact, he was referring to the question of whether Confederate statues should be removed. Trump said that Neo-Nazis should be “condemned totally” Glassner believed that Biden’s video has violated the company’s policy and should be labeled under manipulated media. Finally, Trump’s COO appealed to the tech company to apply fairness in their reviews, regardless of whether it might come from left or right winged media.