“I’m not concerned at all,” President Donald Trump addressed fears after news broke out of a CPAC attendee who tested positive from the coronavirus. It was business as usual for Trump, as he continued to shake hands with his Florida supporters on Monday.

Showing that he was the “man of the people,” Trump, who had been a self-proclaimed germaphobe, confidently reached out and walked over the fence lines to greet his supporters as he landed in Orlando.

In a town hall meeting, President Trump had already dismissed the idea of not being able to shake hands, believing that it is a part of his responsibility as a politician. The president continued to say that “They’re people that I love. They’re people that I want to take care of.”

Moreover, amidst the president’s show of confidence, there had been rumors that Trump did not want journalists to be on board Air Force One, fearing that he might get infected by the virus. Press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, denied these allegations and had even called out writer Gabriel Sherman for spreading the fake news. Grisham called Sherman “irresponsible” and demanded a retraction.

On the other hand, reports have it that Trump had been in contact with three Republicans who might have the coronavirus, including his newly appointed chief of staff, North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows. On Monday night, Meadows announced that he had been tested for the coronavirus. Fortunately, the result came back negative, although Meadows chose to stay in self-quarantine until Wednesday.

The other two politicians, Georgia Rep. Doug Collins and Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, have also announced they would undergo self-quarantine after being exposed to the CPAC attendee who had the virus. In his official Twitter account, congressman Gaetz expressed his concern that the virus might have a huge impact on Congress. To highlight his concern, Gaetz even wore a gas mask to remind his fellow politicians how vulnerable they are to the virus.

While the administration was busy resolving and containing the virus, Democrats have gone on to spread fear and hysteria over the outbreak. Rep. Jackie Spier suggested that Trump should end his rallies as he is only putting his supporters at risk. The congresswoman claimed that Trump is “ill-prepared to guide the country.” Even presidential hopeful Joe Biden claimed that the administration was not capable of handling the outbreak, citing that the American public does not trust the president.

However, even experts such as Jennifer Nuzzo from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, claimed that personal interactions are not necessarily off-limits, although Nuzzo suggested that Trump should make the necessary precautions.