Restaurant owners and legal immigrants Jorge and Betty Rivas received bad reviews and even threats for supporting President Donald Trump.

Things started to escalate when a screengrab from Trump’s recent Phoenix rally featured the couple in the background. In an interview with Fox & Friends, Jorge Rivas said, “There have been calls as well threatening us and giving us a hard time because we support the president.”

The couple was a naturalized citizen of the United States and are proud owners of Sammy’s Mexican Grill in Catalina Arizona. As business owners, Jorge admitted that their political views had affected their sales, and some had even gone as far as to call them “evil racists.”

Jorge shared: “The first day, a couple of days, it goes down, but like yesterday, we had a very good day. He continued that “People know that anyone as an American has a right to support whoever they want, they come out and support us in a way that has turned out to be pretty good, thankfully.”

He added that they remained unapologetic “We know that it’s important for us to stay active, to say what we feel.” He continued. “I personally feel that to me, staying quiet and saying, oh I’m not going to express my opinion because they might attack me, that will go against what I believe, that will go against what America stands for.”

Despite the massive backlash, the couple also went to social media to address the hate comments they received. By wearing hats that say “Trump 2020” and decked the entire room with pro-Trump signs the couple had shown a strong sense of solidarity. In the video, Jorge said, “Just because we’re Latinos, it does not mean that we have to think like every other Latino in this country. We are individuals.”


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Amidst the backlash, Trump responded by spreading the message that everyone should support Sammy’s restaurant. In his tweet, the President wrote: “The food is GREAT at Sammy’s Mexican Grill in Phoenix, Arizona. Congratulations to Betty & Jorge Rivas on doing such a wonderful job. I will try hard to stop by the next time I am in Phoenix. Support Sammy’s! Fox & Friends”

By Sunday, the restaurant was flocked with positive comments as one reviewer wrote “Wonderful restaurant! Great prices and greater food! The wonderful owners are the epitome of the American dream!”

Another reviewer also posted “Great food and great atmosphere. You can’t go wrong eating here. always a nice crowd there. The staff are very polite”

“LOVE this place!! The staff is so friendly. Great food. Always stop when in the area.”

This is not the first time that the couple had publicly expressed their support for Trump. In fact, during the President’s 2016 campaign, Trump had called Betty Rivas onstage as she proudly held the”Latinos for Trump” sign.