A forensic psychologist, who was a key witness against Harvey Weinstein, has been hospitalized after being hit by a car.

Dr. Barbara Ziv was run down by a car as she was crossing a street. Ziv suffered multiple broken bones and is currently recovering in the hospital.

Ziv gave expert testimony at Weinstein’s trial about sexual assault and a victim’s behavior after the assault, including discussion about why victims continue communications with a perpetrator and why they don’t tell anyone, or wait years before reporting the assault.

Ziv, who was also an expert witness in the Bill Cosby trial, said most victims try to put the incident behind them because they want to “move on with life” and don’t want it to get worse. She testified in court that a victim of sexual assault thinks, “‘I don’t want this person who sexually assaulted me to ruin my friendships or put my job in jeopardy. I am just going to put it in a box and forget what happened. I don’t want it to get worse.’ But they can’t.”

“Sometimes women will have subsequent contact with the perpetrator because they can’t really believe that this happened to them,” Ziv said. “They’re hoping that this is just an aberration. You hear that all the time.”

She pointed out there are “over 100 behaviors” victims can exhibit after an assault. “There are a whole range of behaviors, none of which tells you whether a sexual assault occurred,” Ziv said, adding that it is a myth that “one can determine whether somebody has been raped by their behavior.”

There isn’t any evidence to suggest Ziv getting hit by a car is related to Weinstein’s trial, but its timing makes it suspicious. There are reports of Weinstein having people followed, as well as alleged threats against those who have spoken against the former movie producer, according to Law & Crime.

Ronan Farrow, a reporter who was investigating a story about Weinstein, said he feared for his safety.

“I don’t make light of the fact that it was frightening to be in the crosshairs of that. I mean, there were times when I feared for my safety and, you know, my sources were telling me to get a gun and I moved out of my apartment,” said Farrow.