Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s speech was compared to Barack Obama’s and they are undeniably similar even down to the voice inflection, pauses, hand gestures, and posture.

The presidential candidate has already been accused of plagiarising Obama in several different campaign speeches. The side-by-side comparison video surfaced shortly after Buttigieg was called out for tweeting one of Obama’s speeches as his own.


Buttigieg’s tweet that’s being compared to Obama’s tweet from 2012 states, “If we can light up a high school gym-we can light a neighborhood. If we can light up a neighborhood- we can light a city. If we can light up a city- we can light up our country.”

Obama’s tweet reads, “One voice can change a room. And if it can change a room, it can change a city. And if it can change a city, it can change a state.”

Former Senator John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain responded to Buttigieg’s tweet, “Oh, COME ON! I know Pete thinks he’s the next Obama, but this is ridiculous.”

The Daily Caller’s Logan Hall tweeted, “tfw you copy your friend’s homework and make a few slight changes so it won’t look too obvious.”

Hector De Marquez tweeted a hilarious caption, “We all know that one kid from school,” with a meme that has Buttiegieg asking Obama if he can copy his homework, and Obama replies, “sure, just make it look different so that it doesn’t look like you just copied me.”