A group known as P.U.T.I.N. or Pigeons United To Interfere Now released pigeons wearing “Make America Great Again” hats during the presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada.

P.U.T.I.N’s founder, Coo Hand Luke, released a statement earlier this month: “P.U.T.I.N have used their pigeons to launch a one of a kind aerial protest piece in response to the arrival of the 2020 Democratic Presidential hopefuls for their scheduled debate on 2/19 in Las Vegas.”

“The release date was also coordinated to serve as a gesture of support and loyalty to President Trump.”

24 of birds had red MAGA hat on their heads, and one wore a little Trump wig. The group stated, “One of the pigeons, the leader of the flock, was adorned with a small, orange hairpiece, to commemorate that of their leader, President Donald Trump.”

It didn’t take long for animal rescue organizations to voice their concern for the well-being of the pigeons. Mariah Hillman of Lofty Hopes, a Las Vegas pigeon rescue organization, called the stunt animal cruelty. Hillman worries the hats may impact their flight, or ability to avoid predators.

Last December, an animal rescue organization was faced with a similar situation when pigeons wearing red cowboy hats were released in downtown Las Vegas.

P.U.T.I.N said in a statement, “The project was the result of months of exhaustive research, logistical hurdles and pigeon caretaking. As expected, more than half of our birds returned to their home last night. We removed any hats that were still in place. Many had already fallen off due to the fact that eyelash glue was used. The adhesive is not very strong. P.U.T.I.N is a satirical project and in protest to Trump. Our group had nothing to do with the cowboy hat project.”