MSNBC host Katy Tur asked a passerby who he voted for, and his reply surprised her.

The man responded, “Donald John Trump.”

Even though she covered well, Tur’ s demeanor said it all. It’s obvious she was not expecting it, especially on live television. Tur picked the wrong guy.

Tur replied, “You voted for Donald John Trump. Look at that! Bernie Sanders is not appealing to you?”

The unidentified man dug into Bernie Sanders, denouncing what he explained as a “destructive ideology.”

“The whole ideology would be destructive to the country. It’s anti-growth, it’s anti-family, it’s anti-American, and as a Roman Catholic, it’s anti-life,” said the man.

Tur couldn’t end that interview fast enough, and darted off to find another person to interview.


According to the Associated Press, Sanders ended up winning the Democratic primary on Tuesday night, with about 25.7% of the vote. Trump received over 120,000 votes in the New Hampshire primary, which is record-breaking for a presidential incumbent.