You have to be on guard if you plan on wearing a red hat these days even if it’s your birthday.

Daniel Sprague, a retired New York City police officer, got punched in the face for wearing what appeared to be a MAGA hat by an unknown woman. It all started when Sprague visited the Stage bar on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee, to celebrate his 50th birthday. Sprague’s wife got him a bunch of fun birthday celebration gear including a red hat with “Make Fifty Great Again” emblazoned on the front.

“I was outside with my friends when some grabbed me from behind, spun me around and punched me in the face,” said Sprague.

After getting punched, Sprague and the unidentified woman were kicked out of the bar before information could be exchanged. Sprague did file a police report the following day and wants to press charges if she is found.

“A misguided soul possibly not alone, who I’m assuming was not very literate, spun me around, punched me in the face and grabbed my hat while yelling, ‘how dare you’ leading me to think she thought it was a MAGA hat,” Sprague said on Facebook.

Sprague recalled before the incident took place, “people were just coming up to me and, you know, just loving the little wordplay on the hat and taking pictures and wishing me happy birthday.” The punch left a deep cut on Sprague’s cheek that “goes to the bone.” Sprague believes the woman was wearing a ring or had a set of keys in her hand when she threw the punch.

Happy birthday, Daniel. We’re sorry this happened to you.