White House Defense Lawyer Jane Raskin delivered a 15 minute opening argument on the Senate floor, focusing entirely on Trump’s personal lawyer and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Raskin told the Senate Giuliani began “investigating Ukraine corruption and interference in the 2020 election way back in November in 2018,” a full six months before Joe Biden announced his run in the presidential campaign. This was four months before the Mueller report.

Raskin used articles from The Hill and CNN that reported Giuliani investigating Ukraine in 2018, which showed they did not repeat the pertinent information even though they had previously reported it.

Raskin argued that Democrats were using Giuliani’s participation in the Ukraine situation as their “colorful distraction” from their lack of evidence. Raskin pointed out that Giuliani was only doing his job as Trump’s attorney.

“He was not on a political errand,” Raskin stated. “He was doing what good defense attorneys do. He was gathering evidence about Ukrainian election interference to defend his client against the false allegations being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller.” 

She brought up the “two year siege on Trump’s presidency, the two Inspector General reports, the $32 million that was spent on the Special Counsel investigation,” and declared “Rudy was spot on.”

“It seems to me if we’re keeping score on who got it right on allegations of FISA abuse, egregious misconduct at the highest level of the FBI, alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and supposed obstruction of justice in connection with the Special Counsel investigation? The score is Mayor Giuliani 4, Mr. Schiff – Zero!” concluded Raskin.


Here’s Raskin’s entire opening argument. It’s worth your time to see it!