A new video taken by a security camera shows the Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 carrying 176 passengers was stuck by two missiles.

The New York Times verified the video’s authenticity, which was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday by an Iranian user, shows why the plane’s transponder — a device that sends a signal to identify it as a plane — wasn’t working after it was struck a second time.

The footage confirms the initial strike disabled the plane’s transponder and 23 seconds later, the place was hit with the second strike. The plane was spotted circling back towards the airport and minutes later it exploded and crashed, killing everyone onboard.

According to the Times, the latest video was recorded by a camera from the rooftop of a building located about four miles from a military site near the village of Bidkaneh.

The Times explained the reason the date of the video is marked 2019-10-17 is “because the camera system used a Persian calendar and not a Gregorian one. January 8 converts to the 18th of Dey, the 10th month in the Persian calendar. Digitally that would display as 2019-10-18 in the video. One theory is that the discrepancy of one day can be explained by a difference between Persian and Gregorian leap years or months.”

Experts question the claim that Iran mistakenly hit the plane since it was headed away in a northwest direction from the airport, climbed at about 2,000 feet per minute, followed its same flight plane, and was clearly not hiding its identity.

The Ukrainian plane was one of 19 planes to depart from Tehran International airport after Iran launched missiles at the Iraqi military bases used to house U.S. troops. The airport should have been closed off to civilian planes.