Senator Corey Booker (D-NJ) ended his presidential campaign on Monday morning after failing to get the support he needed to win the Democratic nomination. The former Newark mayor struggled to break into the trop tier, polling in single digits, and failed to qualify for Tuesday’s Democratic debate in Iowa.

“It’s with a full heart that I share this news—I’m suspending my campaign for president.To my team, supporters, and everyone who gave me a shot—thank you. I am so proud of what we built, and I feel nothing but faith in what we can accomplish together,” Booker announced on social media to his supporters.

Booker mentioned his reasons for dropping from the presidential race, but most notably was the lack of funds to continue.

“Our campaign has reached the point where we need more money to scale up and continue building a campaign that can win — money we don’t have, and money that is harder to raise because I won’t be on the next debate stage and because the urgent business of impeachment will rightly be keeping me in Washington,” wrote Booker in an email to his supporters.

Last week, Corey Booker told Associated Press if President Trump’s impeachment trial lasted just two weeks it would cause the cancellation of “literally dozens” of events where would be able to gain support from caucus-goers.

Booker is the third person of color to exit the presidential race following Senator Kamala Harris and former Secretary Julián Castro.

Like Castro, Booker noted the lack of diversity in the Democratic field.

“Of all of the people who’ve qualified for the next Democratic debate stage, not one is a person of color,” wrote Booker. “For a party as diverse as ours, in an election where communities of color will decide the outcome, that’s wrong.”

When Michael Bloomberg entered the race, Booker commented, “It is a problem that we now have an overall campaign for the 2020 presidency that has more billionaires in it than black people.”

President Trump chimed in about Booker’s drop from the presidential race by tweeting, “Really Big Breaking News (Kidding): Booker, who was in zero polling territory, just dropped out of the Democrat Presidential Primary Race. Now I can rest easy tonight. I was sooo concerned that I would someday have to go head to head with him!”