Reports out of China are telling of a panicked government rushing to destroy evidence of huge Muslim and other ethnic minority detention camps. These reports of the hurried destruction of records comes following a New York Times report, based on leaked documents form the communist dictatorship showing that the country has millions of its Uighur population, an ethnic Turkish/ Muslim minority, detained in camps.

After the highly-classified leaks emerged, China has been deleting data, destroying documents and tightening controls on information. Reports say they are using local University professors and workers in the Urumqi region and ordering them to “clean out sensitive data”.

This evidence destroying comes after the government has already imposed strict regulations in the region in October where officials destroyed personal data for thousands of locals that had info on their detention status, effectively disappearing them from official records. They also mandated that certain state offices throw away computers, further restrict classified information, and make sure that all info related to the camps now be stored on databases disconnected from the internet. They are even kept in special, restricted-access rooms to protect from hackers.